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My daughter has struggled most of her 18 years with eczema on her hands and legs. When we found your creams we were amazed at how much comfort they brought her. The skin is healing and the itching is stopping and she is delighted with the pleasant scent. Thank you R.F

Words cant  describe how much I enjoy using your L'annine Lemon hand cream! It smells sensational and works even better. I will never change. Thank you, D.L

I bought  your product at Sam's Club on a whim. I loved it  and went back and  got 4 more tubes. I told my sister, who lives in Texas about you product and where I got it. She called later and said that she could not find it at Sam's. I went back to my store and was told that they didn't carry it any more. Please let me know where I can purchase your L'annine in Sacramento, CA

I am the manager of the Motion Picture Television Pharmacy in Toluca Lake. One of my employees bought and then shared your amazing hand cream. We are very interested in carrying your product in our pharmacy! Let me know how can we do this! Thank you, E.R

I am using your Hand & Body Cream-European Advance Formula, and I find that it softens my hands like nothing else ever has. I really enjoy the product and would like to know where to find it in my area of southern New JErsey. I first purchased it in BJ'S wholesale  store-it wasn't there the last time i shopped. Any help would be wonderful Thank you, Katherine, New Jersey.

My friend recently introduced me to the Avocado L'annine. It was a miracle cream on my facial scars and brown age spots. My daughter also uses it for her psoriasis. I am sold on this product. Thank you C.G- New Jersey

I purchased you L'annine hand and body cream while I was in America, I live in the U.K, can I buy it here? I have the Avocado,and love the product. I hope you can help as I'm going to run out soon.-J .J

I've been using the Mango Hand & Body Cream and it seems to be helping with my dry, sensitive skin. Thank you, Clover- Arizona

I obtained several of your hand and body cream at our Costco store in Parkmeadows. It is the only cream which holds up in the extremely dry climate here in Denver Colorado area. Unfortunately the Costco stores in the area no linger carry your product. We have also checked with number if other stores and have been unable to find your product.

From the moment I tried it, i knew it was for me, coming form and Eastern European background my skin is very light colored thin and dry. My hands felt wonderful and the Lemon was terrific. Sincerely, N.L Calabasas, CA

L'annine is simply amazing! the hand and body cream are the best I've ever used, and I always recommend this line to all of my customers. Thank you,F.B California.


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