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I am a veterinary technician and have extremely dry hand from washing so often. I have tried several products and have not been satisfied. On a recent trip to New Mexico my father-in-law told me about a new product he bought -L'annine Mango hand cream. I tried it and was amazed! I put it on in the morning and washed my hands throughout the day and my hands stayed soft and moisturized. I have already told all of my co-workers how wonderful your product is and I am interested in where I can purchase it. Thanks for such great product that exceeds all others!



A friend in California just told me how much she loves this product (she just got engaged and loves the fact that it keeps her hand in great ring-modeling condition)


New York

L'annine hand and body cream, I just started using it and like it very much. It's not greasy or oily like some lotions.

I'm a cosmetologist and I work with lots of chemicals and have very sensitive hands. They are much improved as I've used your creams this past week.

I have been using the L'annine Hand & Body Cream. I have spots of eczema and psoriasis on my arms and legs and have found this to be very helpful. I shared this information with my GYN doctor and she said I should used this but also use 1% hydrocortisone cream. do you have this with Hydrocortisone in it? I am also having  very hard time locating a retail store. Can this be order on line? Also, do you have a moisturizing cream for the face.

Thank you,



I have been using your hand cream for a long time and am a loyal fan. We are putting together a gift basket for the Oceans Twelve movie premier. These baskets are quite luxurious and will only include the most high-end sought after products in the world. We would like very much to include L'annine hand cream amongst the other items.

Thank you Susan

Los Angeles, Ca

Where can I find your incredible Mango hand and body cream in the San Clemente area? My friend showed it to me and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Kate Dorun

The Mango and Avocado hand creams are the best I have EVER used. Using the product is easy - finding a place to purchase it is a bit more difficult.

Thank you,

Brenda Sanches

Very interested in your products, indeed I wish to open a shop of cosmetics (surrounding Paris) which I'd like to offer new products considered for their quality, efficiency and their originality. Your products seem adequate with those which I seek.

Thank you



We want to resale your product to our customers that work with household chemicals and or  furniture products. Your products has worked very well for our company personnel. Therefore we want to promote your product to our costumers that too have skin needs.

Thank you

Thomas Harper

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful hand and body cream. I am 45  years old and my hands are showing my age. Your hand cream makes them look younger, instantly!

Loving your product,


I am a nurse and love your product. As you probably know, we have to wash our hands constantly. Leaving my hands dry and cracked. I have let fellow co-workers try your product and they also love it. I have noticed that it stays on even after several washings. I think there is a large market to nurses. I am interested in starting a small business within my community. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,



I found your product recently at the UCLA Med Center Pharmacy and love it!! I am a nurse and find the cream to be really wonderful for my hands!

Thank you,


I absolutely LOVE your Mango Hand & Body Cream and have run out. I am unable to find it anywhere in my city! I live in Vancouver B.C, Canada. Is there any stores in Vancouver that you sell this product?

Thank you


Vancouver, Canada


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