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productsUsed: L'annine European advanced formula Hand and Body Cream Fresh Mango Oil
feedback: works great on cracked skin on hands

I purchased about 5 dozen of these a couple of years ago. I need more! This is the best lotion in the world :-)
I want to buy a dozen of the Avocado L'annine. Please let me know where I can get this.

Maria Moncayo

Santa Clarita, CA

I have used your hand and body cream. It has helped my severely dry hands when all other lotions and creams have failed. Where can I find it in my area.

Judy Mose

Anaheim, CA

It is the only cream that ever cure my varicose vein that it always bleeding, now it is completely heal.Can you please tell me where can I buy your cream L'annine formula European advance here in Palmdale or other closest store location. Thank you very much and have a nice weekend.


Palmdale, CA

I am a diabetic and have suffered from severely open cuts on my fingers. It would take up to a week or two before they would heal. And then re-occur again. Since I started using your cream I no longer get these cuts on my hands. This cream is so great; it keeps my hands soft and keeps them from cracking. I recommend it to everybody!


Tucson, AZ

I have been using your hand & body cream for a few months now and have received severeal compliments on how my face and hands are looking. This is amazing!

Joan Corry

Corona -CA

Mango Hand & Body Cream it hydrates into my skin making it feel soft without a greasy feeling.



Walnut Creek -Ca

L'annine European advanced formula hand and body cream works wonderful for my husband and myself. I need to know the closest store to purchase more.  Thank you,

Louri Fera

Auburn -WA

L'annine Hand & Body Cream is the greatest cream I have ever found. I am a RN with my hands in water all the time. This keeps them soft and protected.

Elain Morris,

Anaheim - Ca

Love your Hand & Body Cream. It is really making a big difference with a very bad case of psoriasis.


Stamford -CT

Wen have used L'annine for a number of skin problems; dryness, brown spots. Please tell us where we can purchase locally.

T. Parker

Tucson -Az

I have tried the Avocado hand & body cream and LOVE it. I would like to try the Mango, the cream seems to be restoring the sun-damaged skin on my arms and I am delighted so far.


Vallejo -CA



I use the L'annine cream all the time in all three scents--whatever I can find in the marketplace. It is the best hand cream available. I have given it countless times as gifts... usually buying two to four tubes at a time to have plenty on hand. It makes a wonderful travel or hostess gift. I also have given my tubes away spontaneously while demonstrating how wonderful it is! Thanks for a wonderful product--a real life saver for me and my dry hands/skin. Thanks!!


North Hills, CA

I have just purchased your hand and body cream (lemon), and while I've used many wonderful creams and lotions, this seems to be the finest. Will you find a local distributors for me. Thanks!

Lousie Mintyre

East Liverpool, Ohio

I used the hand & body cream, I really liked the way it left my hands feeling. It is a great product. you should have it available in all stores

Elaine Sendeja

Santa Ana,California

I hand an allergic reaction to a medication, my skin became very dry and itchy. I tried several ointments even a prescription, none seemed to work. A nurse gave me L'annine Avocado Hand Cream and it gave me the relief I was needing!

Bob Woggis


This hand and body cream helps my grandson with his eczema. There is no other cream that does the job. I think all of the stores should carry it. It does a GREAT job.

Thank you,

Gloria Gonzales

Albuquerque,New Mexico

L'annine Hand and Body Cream ...Really great, feels nice without  feeling greasy, smells good and helps to  heal skin.

Thank you

Bonnie H

Melville, NY

L'annine works wonders, my skin cannot be without it! PLEASE HELP!


Carolyn -

New Jersey

GREAT hand cream, works better than any I've tried. Thank you for the Amazing product,


Pittsburgh, PA

I tried you awesome hand and body cream in Avocado and Mango, i have shared it with my family and friends and everyone loves it! I would just give it away while sharing with others, and just say "as you use this wonderful cream, think of me."  Because every one loved it so much I thought that it would make wonderful Christmas gifts for the ladies at church. Now that i have given all of mine away, I am in desperate need of more for my self and to share with others. My hands along with many other are crying out for HELP! Can you direct me to where I can purchase this miracle cream ...I will be so grateful. -


Atlanta, Georgia

My daughter has struggled most of her 18 years with eczema on her hands and legs. When we found your creams we were amazed at how much comfort they brought her. The skin is healing and the itching is stopping and she is delighted with the pleasant scent.

Thanks you,



I developed an allergy a few weeks ago with a reaction that caused my eyes to be swollen, red and puffed up and the skin around my eyes became so dry that it started to peel. I have devoutly used other good products but they were not helping with these symptoms. My hairdresser introduced me to the L’annine Avocado Hand and Body Cream. Her hands had been cracked and bleeding and healed in tow days form using this cream. I also used the cream on my eyes and in two days they were completely healed! What a fabulous product!

Thanks to you all,

Amy .Moor.

Las Vegas, NV.

I want you to know that I have just recently purchased your hand cream and have converted my sister and two nieces also to use your product. It has got to be the best product on the market for chapped and dry hands and skin.



Gilbert, AZ.

I purchased your Mango hand cream on the spur of the moment…my daughter is 4 ½ years old and has had eczema all her life and with all the eczema medicine getting cancer scares in the news I decided to find ‘something’ out there that would help her…most medicines made her feel like her body was burning.  So when I purchased …the cream, I let her smell it and let her put it on herself.  Well the first thing she said was “It doesn't’t burn Mommy!”…and she looks a bit better.

A happy Parent so far. -



I have suffered form Eczema for 15 years. Nothing the doctors or health food stores have given me have relieved my pain and suffering. My daughter-in-law gave me your L’annine hand and body cream and I have used it for 6 months. The difference in my hands is incredible. My hands are smoother and I have NO PAIN and the sores have disappeared. I would highly recommend your product to everyone with an eczema problem.

Thank you,

Heather Paet .

I have used the Lemon oil hand cream and am interested in trying the Mango oil. I have hand eczema and have been so happy with the product.

Thank you so much,


Des Moines, Iowa

I recently purchased a tube of your Mango Hand Cream. It is truly the finest hand cream that I have ever used! I can’t wait to purchase more!

Thank you,

Barbara Elisen


I absolutely love this hand cream! I am an aesthetician who is continually washing my hands. This is the first cream which is extremely beneficial in keeping my hands soft and healthy.

Carol .Waiver

Hemet, CA.

It is the only cream that keeps my fingers hydrated when I work on my torch making glass beads. My fingers and nails REALLY dry out and the cream keeps both the nail and the skin nice!  Thank you.

Linda Norro

Redmond, Washington

I found your product recently at the UCLA Med Center Pharmacy and I love it! I am a nurse and find the cream to be really wonderful for my hands!

Thank you,



Words can’t describe how much I enjoy using your L’annine Lemon hand cream! It smells sensational and works even better. I will never change.

Thank you for the fabulous product,


I have tried your hand and body cream and loved it. There is nothing close to it on the market. Please list a couple of areas near me that supply it. Thank you

Crystal Tur

Rancho Santa Margarita


Recently I visited relatives in Boston. They introduced me to your hand and body cream. I loved it!! Can I buy it in Cincinnati?



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